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Agenda / Tour Dates 2003

Fecha/Date Lugar/ Place Ciudad/City
01/04-14 Vida Nueva Concert Tucson, AZ
01/05 La Voz Cristiana (Concierto) Cleveland, OH
01/15 Church of God Phoenix, AZ
01/17 In Concert in Nogales Nogales, AZ
01/18 In Concert Phoenix, AZ
01/20 Bill Gaither Conference at The Potters House Dallas, TX
01/24 La Voz Cristiana Concert Elkhart, IN
01/23 Willard Church Of God "Family Night Concert" Willard, OH
01/26 St. Joseph's Baptist Church Painesville, OH
02/07 Praise the Lord Network "TBN" Nashville, TN
02/07-9 Church of God- Premier Winterfest Ocean City, MD
02/18 El Trio de Hoy Concert Nashville, TN
02/28 Church of God- Sun River Winterfest Sun River, OR
03/08 Pacific Northwest Frontier Fest Ventura, CA
03/15-16 Church of God- Frontier Winterfest Knoxville, TN
03/21 Assemblies of God Missions Convention Raton, NM
03/22-23 La Voz Cristiana Chicago, IL
03/29 A.C.P.A.L. Concert (Cutural Pro-Bienestar Al Latino) Los Angeles, CA
04/04 Praise the Lord Network "TBN" Nashville, TN
04/10-11 Faith-Based Conference Universal City, CA
04/18 En Concierto en Veracruz Mexico Minatitlan, Veracruz
04/20 En Concierto Villa Hermosa, Tab, Mexico
04/21 Concierto, Mexico Tuxtla, Gutierrez Chiapas
04/23 Concierto Musical (Palenque) Chiapas, Mexico
04/26 Wedding Celebration Woodbury, NY
05/02 Spring Fire 2003 at Heritage Christian Center Denver, CO
05/09-10 La Voz Cristiana Pending
05/13 EXPOLIT (Exposicion de Literatura) Miami, FL
06/07 Forest Park Outdoor Concert Forest Park, Queens, NY
06/26 Iglesia de Dios "Bethel" Saginaw, MI
06/27 Chuch of God Youth Afterglow Concert Detroit, MI
06/28 In Concert Los Angeles, CA
06/29 In Concert- Sunday Night Service Ventura, CA
06/30 In Concert in San Francisco at 6pm San Francisco, CA
07/02 Bethel Christian Center Candem, NJ
07/10-12 Promise Keepers Pittsburg Arena Pittsburg , PA
07/26 Overflow Ministries Youth Event Chicago, IL
08/01 In Concert Framingham, MA
08/02-03 Summer Fest (Sat. and AM Service) Hershey, PA
08/04 In Concert Chambersburg, PA
08/09 Outreach Concert Irving, TX
08/13 Campaña y Concierto Veracruz, Veracruz
08/14 Campaña y Concierto Manatitlan, Veracruz
08/15 Campaña y Concierto Coatzacolacos, Veracruz
08/16 Campaña y Concierto Villa Hermosa, Tabasco
08/25-09/01 Vacation
09/05 Hopefest with T-Bone and Rene Bay Area, CA (TBA)
09/06 Hopefest at Buenaventura State Park Ventura, CA
09/07 Hopefest TBA
09/13 En Concierto con Marisol Soto Bronx, NY
09/18 In Concert with Annette Moreno (Centro de Convenciones Cristianos) San Bernardino, CA
09/21/03 Service / Concert at Calvary Church of the Quad Cities am/pm Moline, IL
09/26 Friday Night In Concert & Larado Civic Center Laredo, TX
09/27 In Concert in Nuevo Laredo Civic Center Nuevo Laredo, Mexico
10/03-04 Conference Diego Martin, Trinidad
10/05 Harvest Time Bridgetown, Barvados
10/9-11 Praise Gathering 2003 with Bill Gaither Indianapolis, IN
10/17 Friday Night concert at Primitive Christian Church Manhattan, NY
10/26 Hispanic Heritage 2003 at Faith World Orlando, FL
11/08 Pastoral Banquet Bronx, NY
11/09 Morning Service at Tesalonica Church Bronx, NY
11/14 Concierto con Radio AMOR Hartford, CT
11/15 In Concert at the Salvation Army (6-7 pm)  14th St. between 6th and 7th St. Manhattan, NY

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